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  TGRCDev fa28b91252
Merge branch 'rust_backend' 4 months ago
  TGRCDev 72be9521c5
Fixed issue getting commit hash 4 months ago
  TGRCDev f848db0991
Added commit hash below copyright 4 months ago
  TGRCDev e8a48d24f5
Error handling stuff 4 months ago
  TGRCDev 13503f81d7 Some error handling work 4 months ago
  TGRCDev 4d73ca85eb
Fixes to work better with my dispatcher 4 months ago
  TGRCDev 5c7685ccb8
config cleanup 4 months ago
  TGRCDev 5b28e87dcc
Implemented caching of IGDB info 4 months ago
  TGRCDev 6e9de43fc1
Intersection works, but no caching or exceptions 4 months ago
  TGRCDev f6f98953f0
Removed the need for a specific working directory 5 months ago
  TGRCDev 955d990439
Modified to work with my site dispatcher 5 months ago
  TGRCDev 85d49338a3
Updated to IGDB v4 API 7 months ago
  TGRCDev 039cc3c746
IGDB sometimes doesn't return game info? 8 months ago
  TGRCDev 4e5da02252
Don't use HTTP error codes for API errors 8 months ago
  TGRCDev 350d24f0e5
Fixed existing users marked as non-existant 11 months ago
  TGRCDev f4178993c5
Fixed bad handling of non-existant friends 11 months ago
  TGRCDev 170319561e
Redesigned page for not-signed-in users 11 months ago
  TGRCDev 02d9144306
Fixed bad cache time logic 11 months ago
  TGRCDev 5fecc956a5
Prevent cache errors from tainting response 11 months ago
  TGRCDev 112a2f698f
Actually working no-friends error 11 months ago
  TGRCDev 12bd35e3ad
Fixed no error showing for a non-Public Friend list 11 months ago
  TGRCDev 579c05034e
Expanded some errors 11 months ago
  TGRCDev 1b83b4e690
Prevent invalidating cookies when pushing hotfixes 11 months ago
  TGRCDev 2784cf4016
Filtered logging for /steam_login requests 11 months ago
  TGRCDev 55e05e13c3
Added Sign out button 11 months ago
  TGRCDev 83b5c1abf4
Merge branch 'app' 11 months ago
  TGRCDev 7fa48aa950
Added a donate link 11 months ago
  TGRCDev a310aeb08f
Fixed the weak games sort 11 months ago
  TGRCDev a229fdf838
Removed minimum width 11 months ago
  TGRCDev b2d00f2aee
Improved game template div 11 months ago
  TGRCDev bf10595d47
Front-end hooked up and retrieving games 11 months ago
  TGRCDev dbcda85ccc
Retrieving game data from the IGDB 11 months ago
  TGRCDev 9757046fa4
Starting work on the Games panel 11 months ago
  TGRCDev 3417fd0b3f
Merged "get_steam_user_info" and "get_friend_list" 11 months ago
  TGRCDev 2aaa3a610d
Redesigned the API test page 11 months ago
  TGRCDev 0210e42804
More input validation 11 months ago
  TGRCDev 7bc8a47fcf
Added cover for the Users panel when fetching 11 months ago
  TGRCDev be00781c4e
Disabled back button during fetches 11 months ago
  TGRCDev c14aaa44ca
Fixed not disabling submission while fetching 11 months ago
  TGRCDev 419f089ea3
Interface requests and intersects successfully 11 months ago
  TGRCDev 8e23aa18f0
WIP intersect_owned_games 11 months ago
  TGRCDev 35cd33b348
Sliding to/from games panel 11 months ago
  TGRCDev a563e5d3fb
User selection 11 months ago
  TGRCDev 6af85f5ed6
Search box loses focus on submit 11 months ago
  TGRCDev e6fcb6e34b
Fixed upper case letters in searches not working 11 months ago
  TGRCDev bbda3e9691
Friend list, sorted by online status and name 11 months ago
  TGRCDev 9455063a99
Interface prototype, nicely scrolling users panel 11 months ago
  TGRCDev 651340f37b
More Steam API fixups and exposing 11 months ago
  TGRCDev 06c66ce405
Starting on the IGDB API 12 months ago
  TGRCDev c9bd4206e9
Tightening the API to match the Privacy Policy 12 months ago